if I were a president

25 Jan

presiden kartun

Indonesia is the country which is very rich and has potential resources. Natural resources and cultures of Indonesia are very diverse and famous in the world.

Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world. Moreover, Indonesia has a great treasure of outstanding marine. But in reality, because it is not managed properly, so Indonesia has a bad image in the world.

If I were a president, I would be a wise leader and be fair leading this country.

I would take more serious actions and would create Indonesia become a better country than before.

I would start from how to make Indonesian become educated. Education and the next generation are very important for a country’s growth.

I would protect the young generation from wrong ways and laziness that would destroy their futures.

If I were a president I would give more budgets for education system. From elementary school to high school education should be free, and higher education should be cheaper. And it were for all school types in Indonesia

Our country has a lot of oil, mines and all of important industries.

But the people of Indonesia cannot get the result more. If I were a leader of this country, I would nationalize all of vital industries or at least,

I would totally revise the contracts. Because Indonesia must have more money to build its nation.

IMF debt should be reduced because it is not useful. It just makes a new problem. And then I would try to reduce the value of unemployment by creating new job fields and open a job training facility for the people who have not special work skills.

If I were a president, I would give death penalty for all corruptors. Prison system will not work for corruptors. Death penalty would scare everyone who does corruption. China’s corruption rate totally decreases because they will shoot dead corruptors. We just should do the same thing.

Lastly, I would move away my presidential office from Jakarta to Depok. Then, I also would rearrange the construction of city building, malls and road widening in Depok.

I would make a good city irrigation and create Depok as a green city where would be filled with thousand shady trees.

But…In fact, I am not a president. I really don’t want to become a president because I am just an housewife and an ordinary woman. It’s enough for me that I could take part for this country if I do some important things.

Perhaps I could start from my little family. I will try to make my children be proudly and meaningful persons for their religion, family and Indonesia with their expertness…

By Dwi Ekarsi Wulandari

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  1. iyankc

    10 Februari 2013 at 7:09 PM

    invite teman… mau share nech 2A5158A4

    • dwiewulan

      15 April 2013 at 6:59 AM



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